"an Israeli-born guitarist with a crisp and fluid style..." 

- The New York Times 


"Ben-Hur is a formidable and consummately lyrical guitarist" 

- Time Out, NY 


"A set of exquisitely played originals, jazz standards and Jobim tunes." 

- Philip Booth, Jazz Times 


"With a melting pot of musical influences that spans four continents, they have recorded one of the most exciting jazz albums of the year." 

- Ron Netsky, Rochester City Newspaper 


"A jazz piece of delectable internationalism of near-Olympic variety. Ben-Hur and Debriano are a kind of mutual admiration society, the sort of players of first-rate fluency and taste." 

- Jeff Simon, Buffalo News 


"All three blend with a heartfelt facility for subtle Latin and North African panache with a cerebral embrace of improvisation, burnished by time spent in New York jazz clubs. The result is a nimble feel that combines airy grace with spry rhythms." 

- Britt Robson, eMusic 


"Our Thing is an album that transforms subtlety into an art form. (Ben-Hur) evokes the sprightliness of jazz' contemporary guitar generation, dripping away each intricate refrain like melodic water. He harmonizes with his distinctive starry-eyed flair, setting forth a waterfall of pristine and pensive elaborations. Ben-Hur, Debriano and Da Fonseca sway across the air with the grace of palm trees, exuding a laidback introspection." 

- Sharon Mizrahi, The New York City Jazz Record 


"Ben-Hur, Debriano and Da Fonseca's level of musical communication is unparalleled and their collective output transcends the commonplace. What you have here is a rare treat!" 

- Eric Harabadian, Jazz Inside 


"Roni Ben-Hur is one of the unheralded guitarists on the modern jazz scene. Each of his releases is an impressive display of picking, and his selection of material is stellar." 

- George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly 


"The perfection of this trio lies in its finespun rhythmic subtlety...its sinuous rhythms combining with achingly heartfelt melodies that bring out the best in Ben-Hur's guitar solos" 

- Rob Johnson, The Denver Music Examiner 


"Their thing is killer instrumental music...this is totally solid playing for real music starved ears. Three dandy jazzbos playing without restraint or constraint, they make wonderful stuff that real music fans will adore, as long as they have adult ears in wide open and receptive mode. Killer stuff loaded with low key fire that'll pull you in every time." 

- Midwest Record 


"A scintillating jazz adventure. Ben-Hur plays lines that seem to flow out of him with such ease that their complexity and inventiveness might escape you if you are not listening carefully." 

- Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz 


"Our Thing got my attention from the first few bars. A perfect example of how well you can hit sparks from your instrument. Sizzling sounds with a basic calm that a diversity of musical sources managed to flow out of freely and beautifully. It is a summer soundtrack to live by. 4 Stars!" 

- Henning Bolte, Written in Music (The Netherlands) 


"Great guitar and bass interplay - between Roni Ben-Hur and Santi Debriano - plus some light and lively rhythms from percussionist Duduka Da Fonseca! The players have a great way of finding warmth and intimacy with each other. A great setting for Roni's sweet guitar lines and Santi's always-wonderful bass." 

- Dusty Groove America 


"Roni Ben-Hur (is) a resourceful and sensitive musical partner. A delightful program from a stellar trio." 

- Bob Bernotas, Just Jazz, WNTI 91.9 FM 


"Current mainstream jazz at its best. Smooth, unhurried and artful. A supple, warm jazz guitar. 4 Stars!" 

- JPC (Switzerland) 


"Guitarist Roni Ben-Hur isn't flashy but after listening to him play over several tracks you find yourself amazed at his prowess." 

- O's Place Jazz Magazine