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My Music Masterclass



"Anatomy of a Tune, Be Bop Style" 

Join Roni for his first Mike's Master Class "Anatomy of a Tune - Be-bop Style". Participants will learn how to identify the harmonic progressions and scales Be-bop artists use. A pre-written solo and segments from Roni’s book "Talk Jazz" will be used to exemplify the development of melodic ideas. Based on the Barry Harris Method.


"The Harmonic Structure of Confirmation" 

Join Roni for his second Mike's Master Class, where you'll take a look at the harmonic structure of the song Confirmation by Charlie Parker and the scales that go with it. Bop phrases over the song will be taught and analyzed.


"How to Alter and Apply the Diminished Chord" 

In this class, Roni shows you how to combine the diminished chord with the dominant 7th chord in order to create both diminished and 7th chords that are full of interesting colors. These chords are very easy to apply to common chord progressions, and are easily inverted. A fascinating and quick way to add colors and tensions to your chord voicings.