2025 Dates TBA

Held in Havana, Cuba.


For instrumentalists and vocalists.

RBH Jazz Camp Havana, founded in 2024, is Roni Ben-Hur’s latest endeavor. Launched in partnership with some of Havana’s most prominent and prolific musicians, this weeklong experience is a rare opportunity to learn traditional Cuban music directly from the masters of the genre, in the very place it was born and continues to evolve in real time. 

Each day features classes for participants from 10am-4pm, during which time guests of participants (e.g. spouses) have the option to experience incredible excursions around Havana. After their days of rigorous study, participants and guests join back up for guided walking tours of Old Havana, as well as trips to town to dine in local restaurants, hear live music, and dance the nights away. This special partnership also includes collaborations with local Havana schools, where young students and jazz camp participants collaborate on a most special final performance. 

RBH Jazz Camp Havana occurs in two back-to-back weeklong sessions in January. The second session concludes at the beginning of the Havana Jazz Festival, a major music destination that you won’t want to miss!


About Havana


“Some cities seem to simply fit to jazz. Tropical, sultry, and with an attitude - Havana fits the bill.

From first thing in the morning till the last thing at night it pours out of houses, bars and cafes, echoes down narrow alleys, reverberates from balconies, blares from radios, booms from cars and wafts around squares. ‘Where can we hear from real Cuban music?’ incoming innocents ask their taxi driver as they head from the airport into the city. ‘Where can we not hear it?’ might be a more appropriate inquiry.

Jazz is one of the city’s most popular musical forms, and the Havana jazz sound is unique. It is a result of centuries of harmonious mixtures from Africa and Spain, with seasoning from China, France, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, and the United States. The sophisticated outcome appeals to jazz aficionados and musicians the world round.” 

From https://jazzcuba.com/