Mojave (Motema 2011)
Nilson Matta & Roni Ben-Hur


Roni Ben-Hur - guitar 
Nilson Matta - bass 
Victor Lewis - drums 
Café - percussion

1. Mojave 
2. Lamentos 
3. Carinhoso 
4. Samba Do Veloso 
5. Copacabana 
6. Rosa 
7. Baden 
8. Canal St. 
9. P.D. on Great Jones Street 
10. The Look of Love 
11. Eretz
12. 3 Express

Press on "Mojave"

"Ben-Hur’s tone clear and his solos crisp and sweet... highly likable meet-up of four versatile and capable musicians." 

– Jeff Tamarkin, Jazz Times 

"The partnership of seasoned Brazilian bassist Nilson Matta and the equally accomplished guitarist Roni Ben-Hur proves to be a particularly effective one. What makes Mojave charmingly different and much more than a typical “jazz meets bossa” session, however, is the choice of repertoire. The set consciously avoids the conventional and in the process delivers a program that’s refreshingly engaging. The session’s mood is one of restrained virtuosity, and it serves this eclectic and largely underexposed program very well." 

– Marl Holston, Jazziz 

"An exceptional collaboration that has produced some exceptional music. Ben-Hur plays this music in a fluid, laid-back style, but always with an intensity that brings passion without resorting to lengthy runs or unnecessary flourishes. He makes each note count." 

– Straight No Chaser 

"Ben-Hur's fluid guitar and Matta's inventive bass work their magic." 

– Ken Dryden, All Music 

"Mojave is magical from start to finish... the combination of Matta's samba and Ben-Hur's swing is a marriage made in heaven." 

– Ron Netsky, The Rochester City Newspaper 

"The foursome delivers the tremendously delightful, free-flowing, multi-tempo “Mojave” (Motéma). The dozen musical passages draw you in, one after another…“Mojave” will make you smile, start to finish." 

– Jon Poses, Columbia Tribune 

"Ben-Hur, a honey-toned guitarist, has a great feel for rhythm that matches his sensitivity to harmony. Mojave is prime relaxing Brazilian jazz without sacrificing any chops." 

– S. Victor Aaron, Half Notes 

"Bassist Nilson Matta and guitarist Roni Ben-Hur collaborate in a thoroughly enjoyable program… drummer Victor Lewis and percussionist Café adds spice to this appealing mix." 

– Bob Bernotas, Just Jazz 

"This player (Ben-Hur) has stroke and his effortless fretwork is something to behold. Mojave shines with the undeniable skill of Matta and the addictive energy of Ben-Hur… is a brilliant showcase for Ben-Hur and Matta." 

– Jordan Richardson, Canadian Audiophile 

"A burner that simmers nicely, this is a pure jazzbo set that is on the money throughout" 

– Midwest Record 

"The music is splendid" – Louisville Music News 

"Anyone with an interest in Brazilian jazz music will find Mojave scintillatingly addictive." 

– Matthew Forss, Inside World Music 

"A luxurious mix of samba and be-bop... you won’t think anything’s going on until you discover you’ve been dancing around the living room for the better part of an hour!" 

– Nippertown