Smile (Motema 2008)
Gene Bertoncini & Roni Ben-Hur


Roni Ben-Hur - guitar 
Gene Bertoncini - guitar 

1. Killing Me Softly 
2. I Concentrate on You 
3. Smile 
4. That's Earl, Brother 
5. You Are a Story 
6. Anna's Dance 
7. Out of This World 
8. Besame Mucho 
9. Sofia's Butterfly 
10. Set Blue

Press on "Smile"

"Sophisticated and lyrical" – Nat Chinen , New York Times 

"The dazzling dexterity and tasteful elegance of these duets is admirable." – Geoffrey Himes, Washington Post. 

"A lyrically meditative dialogue" – Nat Hentoff, Wall Street Journal 

"An eminently special guitar duo." – Ira Gitler 

"One gets the feeling quite early that you're being treated to a gem of a performance from two master guitarists." 

– Edward Blanco, EJazz 

"Smile captures, for the first time on record, a stunning duet performances from two masters of jazz guitar, Gene Bertoncini and Roni Ben-Hur." 


"This is a terrific release…each of the ten tracks is soothing and full of light." 

– Dr. Judith Schlesinger, All About Jazz 

"The tunes themselves become secondary to experiencing the entrancing sound that comes from the multi-layered dialogue between Ben-Hur's hollow-body electric and Bertoncini's nylon-string acoustic." 

– J. Hunter, All About Jazz 

"Gorgeous from beginning to end." – The Buffalo News 

"A joyful outing" – Philip Booth, Between the Grooves 

"Simply magnificent." – Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz 

"A warm and delightfully woven collection of duets" – Mike Joyce, Jazz Times 

"A thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing album from two excellent guitarists." 

– Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide 

"Bertoncini and Ben-Hur draw just about every last bit of emotion from the tune as they trade exquisite solo/comping passages." 

– Mark Sleski, EJazz 

"Together Bertoncini and Ben-Hur create some intimate but artful jazz." – J.B. Spins 

"The music is beautiful and, dare one say, therapeutic." – Karen Hogg, All About Jazz, NY